Have a safe flight.

Bats are remarkably important animals with far-reaching ecological and economic impacts. They are critical pollinators, solely responsible for the proliferation of a wide range of plants, while their appetite for crop-destroying insects saves farmers billions of dollars every year.

But bat populations across North America are falling rapidly. At the heart of this decline is White-Nose Syndrome – a disease that causes a white fungus to grow on a bat’s nose and wings, disrupting both their hydration and hibernation cycles, ultimately resulting in death. Since it was first detected in North America in 2007, White-Nose has ravaged the populations of many hibernating bat species in the U.S. and Canada, making bat conservation a crucial issue in these regions.

NRG’s pioneering Bat Deterrent System could play a pivotal role in protecting our bats by keeping them out of unsafe airspaces and roosting locations. By preventing unnecessary, often human-caused fatalities, we can protect an already fragile population before it’s too late.

For more information about bats, please visit Bat Conservation International.